Christians: Hypocrites

Today my rant is about Christians who are hypocrites.

By this I mean the Christians who tell other people how to live their lives but proceed to do the complete opposite in their own lives. Ted Haggard is the first name that springs to my mind. He known as Pastor Haggard, Minister of the New Life Church in Colorado Springs. He preached for the sanctity of marriage and how homosexuality is a sin. Well, as we all know, Ted Haggard was accused of soliciting gay sex with a male prostitute whilst taking drugs. He at first refused to admit these charges but eventually “came clean” and then refusing to admit he was gay but then some weeks later saying he was “cured”. Not sure how you can be cured of something you don’t admit to. Hypocrite. He spent years of his live trashing good people for the same fucking thing he was doing. I fear the man doth protest too much.

My next target: Priests. When i was little I can remember going to church ( I was a Catholic until i was six, when my mother abruptly took us out after a fight with the “Father”) and hearing sermons about how children were the children of god and other such rubbish. If the children are the children of god, where was God, when thousands of them were abused, physically and mentally, by “men of god” around the world? I never get a good enough answer for that question when i ask Christians this. I’m not surprised, there is NO answer to it.

This abuse took place for many years, in schools, in churches. Places where God is supposed to protect. Done by people who preach morality and family values. It makes me sick. They are corrupting the children’s minds and bodies so they can get their sexual frustrations out. In main these are done by the Catholic Priests whom are not allowed to be married but yet have the right to preach about the sanctity of Marriage and the sexual act. The first, Marriage, they know nothing about. The second, the sexual act, they shouldn’t know anything about (according to their own rules) but a lot fo them do either by abusing children or having affairs. Hypocritical Monsters. And yet parents entrust their children to these people every day! Yes i know, not all Priests are child molesters. But if the evidence such as the millions of dollars that the Church has paid out, is anything to go by, there are a lot of them out there.

Which brings me on to another thing the Christians, again in particular, the Catholic Church, are hypocritical about. On one hand they stress the need to follow rules and laws (especially their own) but when it comes to dealing with their abusive priests, what do they do? Do they turn them into the police? NO. They hide them, send them to other Churches (where they abuse more children) sometimes overseas.

And are any of these criminals in jail for aiding and abetting these molesters? No. If that was a single man who raped a child and his best friend helped him cover the crime up, they BOTH would be in jail for a very long time. But because its the Catholic Church, nothing happens to these people. Its disgusting, its immoral, its wrong and its HYPOCRITICAL.



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  1. Only recently I found out that when I was younger, the Father of the church where my family went (which was at a school) told my mum that she was a bad mother because we missed church one Sunday. My mum also taught at this school for years. We ended up finding another church to go to but by the time I hit my teens we stopped going every week. Now (at 26) I’m an atheist even though I don’t go around preaching my “lack of beliefs”.

    My mum has since become atheist and it was her that made me read material from such authors like Dawkins, Hitchens,Harris, Meyers etc. I always thought priests were just men – nothing holy about them and once I heard the above story it solidified my position further. It made me angry. My mother is a fantastic mum and is hugely intelligent – more than this priest ever was or could be.

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