My Blasphemy Rant….

I emphatically deny the existence of the holy spirit.  I even refuse to give it the emphasis by using capitalisation.  There is zero evidence of this superstitious mumbo jumbo. 

And to further damn myself to a place that i know doesn’t exist, I do not believe Jesus was born of a virgin.  For one, that is biologically impossible and two, there is very lttle  evidence that Jesus himself existed.  The new testament (again no caps , it doesn’t deserve the respect) was written a long time after when Jesus was supposedly around  and by people who never met the dude.  So i am also denying the existence of the son of god (or according to some Jesus is God himself.  Ok people which is it, is he just the son of god, or is he is own son? Sounds  rather icky) as well.

If there are any religious peoples out there offended by this, go to hell.  Of course since i don’t believe in hell, i only mean that figuratively.  But as you will yourselves believe in a literal hell, this “insult” is sure to give you nightmares.  I myself sleep very well at night.  I don’t have to worry about eternal damnation and other such torments.    🙂

One last thing, please don’t pray for my soul after reading this.  Prayer doesn’t work, so my soul (another thing that does not exist, if it did, where the hell is it? In my gut?  Does that mean, every time i eat, I’m “feeding my soul? and if so, can someone please tell me if my soul looks too fat?) isn’t going to be saved no matter your desperate pleas for help. 

Again, just annoy and provoke the Christians out there, I DENY THE EXISTENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT



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