Death: The End of Me.

The End. That’s what death is to me. Its the end of my existence. When I die, I am l no longer am here, my soul is not floating around the sky nor will i come back as a horse or a famous person.

Most people are scared of death, that is why religion does so well in this respect. Religion offers comfort (false comfort i think) and they claim that it helps you to get closer to God so you can live together in harmony singing Kumbaya my Lord with the Lord.

In fact, the fact that death is the end makes me embrace life and try to live in the present. I don’t feel the need to subscribe to the theory that I will live after my death. No-one survives their own death in any form. Anyone who thinks this is avoiding the reality of death. It is final.

And in avoiding the reality of death and subscribing to false theories they miss out in living life. The pious regard this life as a torment to be endured until the Lord removes their soul from their earthly remains and their soul flies up to heaven ( clouds in a sky, which i have not been able to spot on Google Earth using the new Space feature) and sitting at the right hand of God/Lord.

Life to me is precious and not to be regarded as a torment. Everyday i am thankful that I am still alive to enjoy the wonder and beauty of this planet that I live on. I used to be afraid of death. I avoided talking about it. I was afraid of the unknown. Now its no longer the case. We once ceased to exist before we were born and no-one is concerned about that fact. We were not sitting at the left hand of God before flying down and being born. Sounds silly doesn’t it? Well its no more silly than thinking that after we die our souls go to heaven. Before we were born, we didn’t exist, after we die, we don’t exist.

That fact may scare people but it doesn’t make it any less true. It should be a reminder how precious life is and shouldn’t be wasted. Life is hard, its often sad, and miserable but it can be very uplifiting when you choose to shed the baggage of ignorance and embrace Reason and Knowledge.




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  1. That sign leads to an even better heaven away from the Baptists and Mormons.

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