Alleluia… The Rapture is Here (Or Not)

Yesterday California erupted in massive wildfires. A Presbyterian Church in Malibu was totally destroyed. I figured the faithful would be in “rapture” about the rapture appearing to come true. They have been saying for years that the Lord will come and take the faithful up to Heaven and leave the rest of us behind. Instead of that reaction, i heard the Pastor come out and wonder if the Church had adequate Insurance Protection. I thought to myself, THAT’S the first reaction these “people of God” thought? Who needs Insurance if you are going to be taken up to Heaven by God? Nor do I see, hoards of the faithful flocking to the burnt out church exulting in the “sign” that God had designed to send to them to tell them he was about to return, (God. or Jesus … wait. isn’t Jesus God?).

There is an obvious explanation for the reasoned reaction to the burning down of the Church. THE RAPTURE IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Nor does anyone actually believe that it will otherwise why is no-one even claiming that it is about to happen?


4 Responses

  1. Little could be more hypocritical then insuring a church…?!?

    I always thought if Jesus did come back to Earth (ok, let’s assume he did before), who the hell would believe the guy? Everyone would claim that he is an imposter.

    If anything, that’s kind of reassuring.

  2. Sadly, there are people out there who claim to Jesus and they even have quite a following. There is one born every minute ( a fool that is).

    There is even a list of Wikipedia of people who claim to be Jesus.

  3. Wow….. im missing how a wildfire in california is a sign of the rapture?And it would really help your case if you would actually read a bible before you go and make claims about its falsehoods, I mean really, how is insuring a church hypocritical? Wouldnt that also make a christian family having life insurance hypocritical? or George Bush having a National defence plan hypocritical? And now onto the comments. You seem to miss the fact that when Jesus comes backit wont matter if you dont believe him, he came the first time (YES!he did) and he was called a blashpemer and an imposter and eventually was killed. However in the second coming there wont be any Jesus coming down to earth, there will be people who belive in God going to heaven and people who dont being cast into the lake of fire.

    And just to adress the whole (God. or Jesus … wait. isn’t Jesus God?).
    yes Jesus is God but Jesus is also Jesus, allow me to explain this real quick. Look at a triangle, when you look at a line in a triangle you dont say look at that line.. or is it a triangle.. wait isnt that line part of the triangle? So look Jesus+God+Holy Spirit=Trinity.David

  4. I have left a few comments on youtube offering to exchange contracts with any rapturist to the effect that if the rapture doesn’t happen by the 1st January 2013, I get his/her house, and if it does happen, he/she gets mine, or a nominated atheist/muslim/buddist/etc friend. I haven’t been inundated with offers.
    May I thank Whiteman for clearing up that whole trinity thing, which I’m sure has been puzzling a lot of people. It takes a lot of ingenuity and self-delusion to think up an explaination like that.

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