Genocide In the Name of Religion

Everyone thinks of Californian Missions as a place of hope, peace, and learning. Kids at schools get taught that the “Indians” were happy living there, learning the ways of the white man.

Kids are also encouraged to build little miniature Missions as school projects. Another example of this would be if  kids in Germanybuilt  miniature Concentration Camps and being taught that the Jewish people needed to be civilised and taught the ways of the real Germans and that they were happy doing so!  Imagine the outcry if this actually happened! Yet the same thing is happening here in America.  Kids are being taught that the Missions were a good place.  Talk about revisionist history.  But then history is always written by the victors, rarely are the voices  of the people conquered heard. 

In reality these Missions were the original Concentration Camps. The Indigenous Peoples were separated from their loved ones, separated from their culture and put into prisons and forced to learn an alien religion by ways of torture. Many thousands died either of torture or starvation or white man’s diseases which were deliberately spread to the Indigenous Peoples who had no immunity from the dirty European diseases.

This did not only happen in Missions , nor did it just happen in California, This genocide ( which the Europeans claimed was in the name of God, but in reality was in the name of Greed) took place over the entire Continent and it all began in 1492 when Criminal Columbus ( who is now known, ironically, for being a great navigator, when in fact he had gotten lost trying to find India) hit these shores.

This is a subject that will take more than this post to elaborate on. There is plenty of scope here to explore evil wrongdoings that took place on this Continent by so called “Christains”.

Below I am including a YouTube video on the real Missions of California.


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