Finally God Did Something Right…

According to a newstory, Richard Roberts, President of Oral Roberts University, resigned, not because he wanted to, but because God forced him to.   Hmmm maybe this is the proof that there is a God ( oh and btw in  case a Christian reads this and thinks I’m being serious… its called a joke). 

Finally, after all the cock ups that God has  made (such as giving us free will, planting a tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden and thinking Adam and Eve wouldn’t eat from it, after all God didn’t prove food for t hem, what did  he/she/it expect?, not stopping 2 world wars and millions of needless and pointless death, not stopping the conception of Adolf Hitler and George W Bush etc etc) he finally got one right.  (Again for the Christians, this is a joke, not to be taken seriously.  Christians have a notoriously  bad sense of what is humor and what is not).

According to Mr Roberts, God spoke to him the day after thanksgiving and told him to resign.  Imagine if i walked  down the street and told people that God told me to resign my job.  I would be locked up in a mental hospital so fast my head would be spinning.  But when that talk comes from a religious leader (or just a leader ie George W Bush “God told me to invade Iraq) its considered sane. 

According to the same story, God had previously told Roberts to deny the allegations that forced his resignation.    It appears that God  is either a liar or mentally disturbed.  Why would God tell him to deny the allegation and then to resign?    If God was  on Mr Robert’s side would he/she/it not use his supernatural powers to rid the college of the allegations? 

On Wednesday Roberts said that God told him that/she/it would do something supernatural for the school if he resigned.  I hope so.  I would really like it if God blew the place up or somewhat less violently just make the place disappear.  Guess I will be waiting for a long time for that to happen…..;_ylt=AvhUE4IbUH1v61lOMjSl8rus0NUE



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