Papal encyclical attacks atheism

This was emailed to me …;_ylt=ArxDsmK6VB4CzT5WNilrK4as0NUE

According to the “Pope” atheisim is responsible for “greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” in history;

WTF??? I had to read that five times beforeI realised I had actually read it right.  The NERVE of that monster, to quote someone i know well.  Atheisim  caused  some of the greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice in history???  He has got to be either the most delusional man or evilest creature or both. 

Has he forgotten the Inquisition? The genocide of the indigenous peoples of this Continent by the Spanish and the British in the name of Christianity?  And that’s just the first two that came off the top of my head.  But those two ALONE  caused millions and millions of deaths and untold suffering, caused complete destruction of people’s lives  and cultures.    More than the Holocaust, 20 times over.  

I am not sure what events the Pope is talking about that atheism caused but I would guess its the usual two that Christians talk about, Adolf Hitler and Stalin.   Hitler was not an atheist,  he was brought up as a Roman Catholic and he never renounced it, he was also photographed with the Pope at the time of the Holocaust, a fact this Nazi Pope conveniently never mentions.  Stalin may or  may not have been an atheist  but even if he was, it was  not his atheism that caused him to do what he did.  I do not know of a single massacre that atheists  did in the NAME OF ATHEISM but i can name dozens of murders that has  been done in the NAME OF RELIGION. 

1.  Inquisition – Advocated by the P ope to root out Hersey.    Used torture to force confessions from people.

2. Genocide of the Indigenous Peoples of this contient by the Spanish and the British –  Proclamations were read out by them  declaring that in the name of Catholicism they were taking the land.

3.  Abortion Doctor Murders – done by Christians in the name of Christianity,

4. Charlemagne executed in one morning 4500 people who refused to be baptized.

5. Constantine killed 3000 people whose view of Christian dogma differed from his.

6.In 1122, Christian crusaders sacked Jerusalem, slaughtering everybody they could and then went into the nearby church and thanked god for his mercy.

7. In the 12th and 13th centuries, tens of thousands were killed by Christians as witches. There was also much dogma-driven infighting among Christians during this period.

And that’s just a few. 

The Pope is what is called in America  ( but in a totally different way) a revisionist historian.   He has selective memory about events that his Vatican and Catholicism and Christianity, in general, has  not only participated in but promoted actively that caused world wide suffering  and still does to this day.  The man is   the epitome of EVIL.



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