Turkey probes atheist’s ‘God’ book

Just came across this article at CNN:


Apparently a Turkish Prosecutor has launched an investigation into whether The God Delusion is an attack on religious values which could lead to the prosecution of the Turkish publisher of the book. If convicted he could face up to one year in jail.

The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins, is a world wide bestseller on why religion is bad and why God almost certainly does not exist. It has sold about 6,000 copies in Turkey.

This is a blatant attempt at censorship and oppression of freedom of expression. Not a surprise coming from Turkey , a Muslim country. Muslim countries don’t normally have the most open freedom of expression laws.

Not sure how attacking religious values is a crime. I am sure its quite fine if someone attacked science in Turkey and no-one would be arrested for it.

If you were secure in your belief that a God existed, you would feel no need at all in attacking people who criticised it. It is only done by people who have doubts and must seek to repress these doubts by attacking others who do not believe.

This is yet another example of a Muslim ( and in general any religion) country attempting to censor opinions that seek to question the value and the entire existence of Religion. They feel threatened so they attack. It only goes to show that they do not want any questioning of anything. To them, questioning would lead to the downfall of everything they stand for. One can only hope.





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  1. I couldn’t add a single thought to your comments that would improve it Atheistkiwi

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