GodTube Video of the Week…. The Day They Kickied God Out Of School

This lovely video starts out blaming the massacre of school children on the fact that God was taken out of the schools. Isn’t god supposed to be able to intervene no matter what? He can’t or won’t stop massacres of school children because hes been taken out of the school????

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2 Responses

  1. Well, that is simply astounding.

    God, all-knowing, all-powerful, omnipresent, all-good, is portrayed as powerless and meager by the power of man’s laws.

    I find it to be hilarious. Were I a Christian, I would be ashamed that my deity were portrayed as being so weak.

  2. As someone who lost a friend in the Blacksburg VA Tech shooting, this offends me so much. They assume that if the worthless filth of the Bible was still preached in our schools, my friend (who was NOT a Christian and would have been appalled at all of the prayer service mumbo jumbo and “calling on god” bullshit following his murder) would still be alive. I find that extraordinarily hard to believe… and, even more so, I find that extraordinarily offensive.

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