While Kirk and Ray claim in this video that Christians should not be condescending towards gays, this entire video is them BEING condescending. I am ashamed that Ray is from New Zealand. And where did they get some of these people? I just love how they say that homosexuality is no worse than any other sexually deviant practice ie sex outside marriage. Their non logic is astounding. They may say they that they are “nicer” to gay people but its a more gentler form of homphobia, but its still discrimination and bigotry. Birds of the same flock fly together. Some birds just fly a bit differently. Also, what was the need to put that “God hates fags” graphic if not to tell people thats what they really think. They speak out of both sides of their bigoted mouths.  What disgusting slimebags.

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2 Responses

  1. Since when does homosexuality count as “graphic nature?” Oh… it must be the disgusting straw fag that Kirk and Ray built that’s “graphic.” Okay… I understand now.

  2. Their approach was genuine and rooted in love. They were not disrespectful or homophobic. In fact, there was no phobia or fear in their approach at all. God doesn’t hate anyone, no matter what we do. But we do reap the fruits of our choices in life, good or bad.

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