Vatican blasts “Golden Compass” as Godless and hopeless;_ylt=AuwPLJk1GtatmgWBYdBv__as0NUE

Yet again the Vatican  gets it wrong.  I have not seen the Golden Compass so I cannot comment on the contents of the movie and whether it not its an “atheist” movie. 
I utterly refute the notion that the world would be a cold and heartless place without God.  First of all, the world NOW in a lot of places is a cold and heartless DUE to the notion of God and religion.   How heartwarming is it to kill people because you think that your god is better than someone eles’s  or because you think they are going to hell anyway?  How is it  a heartwarming concept to kill people  in the name of God because you think  God told you that white people were closer to god than peoples  of other colours and that they were just savages and it was perfectly a godlike thing to do to wipe whole groups of them out and steal their lands and keep them culturally castrated so they cannot stand up from the repression?   In my book. THAT is a cold and heartless world. 

The editorial noted that the movie  had no hope and salvation didn’t exist.  That aptly describes the role of religion not atheism.  Christianity in particular, has caused millions of people to feel  there was no hope, for example victims of the Inquisition,  the Indgenious Peoples of this Continent who suffered so greatly under the heavily  Catholicand Protestant regimes of the Spanish and the English. 

This editorial is yet another example of the Vatican closing its eyes to its own history and projecting its own values (or lack of them) onto atheism.



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