Five Reasons why I dislike Xmas (or whatever its called)

1. Its Bogus. Its not even a Christan holiday. The Christians ripped it off the so called pagans.

2. It encourages lying to children and makes it acceptable For example: Santa Clause. Apparently its ok to lie to children about a non existent entity (oh and Jesus of course) but lying is not allowed at any time. Smacks of double standards and hypocrisy.

3. The awful music. It starts earlier every year. This year a local radio station started playing Xmas music the day after Thanksgiving, 24 hours a day. So I am boycotting it.

4. The utter madness it induces in people. Every year about this time, violent crimes rise dramatically. Apparently families cannot handle being in the same house for long periods of time. Add to that volatile mix too much food and booze and you get a recipe for disaster.

5. Materialism. Gift giving is great but too many people see it as a competition or a chance to emotionally blackmail people into giving expensive gifts or to give children way to much stuff. Of course corporations encourage this, it brings them $$$$.

That’s five reasons that I can presently think of. I am sure there are many other reasons to dislike this time of the year, overcrowding at malls, fake sincerity when wishing people you don’t actually like a Merry Xmas. Blatant over commercialism of a so called religious holiday. Oh and don’t forget the people who claim its not actually about religion, its about “family”. Well first of all, its not called Familymas is it? and second of all, I notice people who say that, usually have a Nativity scene in their house. I should know, my family used to be like that.

Next stop: 2008.


8 Responses

  1. i dont know , its the personal perception !this is something that i cant comment on !

  2. Have fun in hell dumbass!!

  3. Very Christain like. Merry Xmas to you too.

  4. uuhm. I’d just have to say i was very offended by your post. Whether or not will you pass this off as i dunnoo… pass it off. I don’t think I can exit this site without telling you how I felt.

    I love Christmas. 🙂

    that’s all i wanted to say. 🙂

    take care.

  5. I don’t care if you are offended by my post. Noone forced you to read it. It is my opinion

  6. and my blog. BTW i only delete offensive posts. I don’s consider your post offensive. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.

  7. What about that woman who killed her whole family this Christmas. That proves Christmas causes murders.

  8. well said…much love

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