God Scorns Mike Huckabee in New Hampshire

Funny little piece about how God scorned Mike Huckabee on Tuesday.


Wonder how ole Huck would explain his loss?  Most likely that God was testing him or some such rubbish.  Here’s an idea: what if God wasn’t a Huckabee supporter?    Or God  wasn’t a Republican.  Its amazing how the Republicans all  shout to the sky about God,  especially when they win, but noone  breathes a word about how God didn’t intervene or even possibly made them lose?  Which of the stirling  (sarcasm) Republican candidates is God supporting?  And how would they know? What if God was a Democrat?

But oh wait, I almost forgot, there is no God.  Sorry Huck.  Guess you will have to just Worship at the alter of Chuck Norris.



One Response

  1. The fact that he has abused religion in our elective process is especially ludicrous given his record of not understanding right from wrong;

    Candidate Research – Know Who You’re Voting For ( The Easy Way )

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