Female Circumcision -Warning Graphic Video

This is of a three year old female getting circumised. This toture needs to be abolished. Utterly disgusting with no excuses.

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8 Responses

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  2. That procedure is horrific. Just another example of a universal moral truth: Mutilating the genitals of girls is wrong.

    The last time I was in Kenya I was encouraged to see a poster encouraging people to stop the practice. The more information gets out in the open the more quickly it will be reduced and hopefully stopped.

  3. This has nothing to do with Islam, so it’s not clear why you categorized it as such. While this is practiced in some Muslim cultures, it is also practiced by Animists as well. It is a cultural practice and not a religious one, and yes, it should absolutely be abolished, but continuing to classify it as an Islamic practice is completely incorrect.

  4. Saeed is right – it is definitely not just an Islamic practice.

  5. Thats right. Thats why I removed the Islam category. That was a mistake on my part. Just happens however that a lot of them are Muslims….

  6. I had no idea that anything like this even exsist! Why would parents chose to torture there children so? This has to be something that was decided apon by a woman hating leader. The women in these cultures must be forced to do this. The things humans can come up with to control and punish there own species is mind boggeling. You will never here of or see animals doing things like this to one another.

  7. that’s because, as far as we can tell, animals don’t live under the cloud of willful delusion.


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