Richard Dawkins: The Big Question

The methods of evolution by Darwinian natural selection can in fact tell us why we are here and not merely how. Dawkins explores the details.

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Richard Dawkins on The Late Edition with Marcus Brigstocke

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My favorite part is the segment with the Richard Dawkins doll. Very brave of Professor Dawkins to go on that type of show lol.

GodTube Video of the Week: Evolution Cartoon

Can someone out there please explain this video? The only part I could understand is that this person that created this cartoon is saying that evolution would mean fish turns into frog turns into human. Are they really that simple minded? And the rest of it, the part about the frog dying, what the hell was the point of that? If anyone out there can explain it please do so!

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Intelligent Design: Not So Intelligent…

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Senator John Kerry: “Atheists Don’t Believe in Anything”

Yet again the notion that Atheists don’t believe in anything has been aired in a public forum, this time by a very well educated Democrat Senator John Kerry.

Yesterday at a Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life luncheon he told the crowd :

The vast majority of Americans say they believe in God,” Kerry said, responding to a question about the likelihood of an atheist or agnostic winning the presidency. “The vast majority of America, at some time, goes to church, and I think it matters to people. When you are choosing the president of the United States, people vote on the things that matter to them.

“So I think it is probably unlikely that you are going to find somebody who stands up and says, ‘Well, I don’t believe in anything,’ and you’ll get a whole bunch people who get excited about voting for that person,” Kerry said. “It’s just a fact.”

What is NOT a fact, Senator, is that Atheists don’t believe in nothing. We may not believe in a supernatural being who guides our lives and created the universe especially for humans. We do, however believe in Science. We believe that the universe evolved by natural processes.

Every-time a well known public figure repeats the false assertion that we Atheists believe in nothing it enables the religious right to leap on the bandwagon and to keep perpetrating this outrageous myth.

I have yet to met a single person that believes in nothing. That person does not exist. And in any case, its not a matter of belief, its a matter of knowledge and evidence. We believe in things that show clear evidence and not stuff that only comes from a book.

Senator Kerry, I suggest you read the God Delusion or any of Richard Dawkins other books on science and evolution and then try and say Atheists do not believe in anything. I can guarantee you won’t. The difference between you and I is that you apparently(even though you are a very intelligent and highly educated man) believe that there is a god, on no evidence or proof whatsoever.


Why I am an Atheist….

I am an atheist because there is no evidence of a supernatural being who is called God. There is evidence of Evolution, which many organised religious people do not “believe”.

I am an atheist because there is no evidence of a place called Heaven nor a place called hell. When I die, that will be the end not the end of the beginning.

I am an atheist because I see religious peoples not acting as they claim they are acting. I see violence perpetrated in the name of religion, whilst claiming they are not being violent. I see priests abusing children when they claim they are”protecting” them. I see people of the Islam religion rioting over a cartoon whilst holding signs claiming Islam is a religion of peace.

I am an atheist because I think there should be a clear separation of Church and State, whilst seeing that this is being eroded in many countries every day.

I am an atheist becasuse the “holy” books make no sense to me. I don’t take them as the literal truth because there is no historical evidence that many (if not all) of the events never took place.

I am an atheist because I believe indoctrination of children is child abuse. There is no way children can comprehend what they are being told by their authority figures. Many are scared into “belief” by stories of hell, Satan and roasting for eternity for doing ” bad”things.

I am an atheist because I think .

I am an atheist because I question.

I am an atheist because I have an open mind and am open to change my mind if evidence becomes available. Unlike religious peoples whom most will never change their minds and actively seek to ignore, confuse, deny scientific evidence that contradicts and destroys their claims.