Why aren’t Children Born with the knowledge of God?

And before any religious nuts out there say that they are, I   have an example to prove them wrong.  My son is seven years old.  He  has never talked about nor asked about God,  And again before the religious fanatics scream ” you atheists brainwash them”   (not that this deserves a response other than Atheists don’t brainwash their children, THEY DO), I deliberately have never spoken to my son about the concept of God, either positive  nor negative, NEVER.  So explain to me this, religious geniuses, why has my son never mentioned to me about God in any respect.  Does God not talk to children, only adults?  That doesn’t seem like very good recruiting skills to me, you would think that God would speak to all children to get them to join his following since children are the most innocent they would be more believed.

The answer is thus:  The reason why children are not born with the knowledge of god is because there is no God to  share this knowledge.


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  1. No use to argue with an atheist, especially one with his or her mind already made up. However, it occurs to me that perhaps they (children) are born with a knowledge of God and that perhaps they even recently left His presence. BUT THEY CAN’T TALK!. By the time they’ve mastered the gift of language, the memories have dimmed. Besides, even if they could talk, would adults listen?

  2. Children can’t talk? So at the age of three they cannot utter a single word to say that god spoke to them? Im quite aware of the fact that they cannot talk at birth but they do not stay mute (in most cases) throughout their lives. Use your brains please.

  3. Children are not capable/allowed to make any decisions for themselves except whether or not to dedicate their eternal soul to God. Whether or not a child goes to heaven or hell is completely up to the child. If a parent or guardian fails to introduce them to the church soon enough and they die, they go to hell. Period! This is what the bible teaches. It is clear as day. Religious apologetics try and deny it but they can’t.

    Zech 13:3 – “… and his father and his mother … shall thrust him through when he prophesieth.” According to God, a parent should murder their own children if they speak of any other religion.

    atheistkiwi, you might want to check out my post on this very topic:


    So nice to read something from a fellow rational thinker. I hope you’ll check out my site http://doubtingthomas426.wordpress.com/ as I think you’ll find it right up your alley. Please recommend it to any others you think would enjoy it. I need more intelligent people commenting on my posts. I’ve categorized all my posts on the left. Take a few minutes to read through a few. Leave a comment if you like. Take Care.

  4. I’m an atheist, and I’ve never heard this angle before. Excellent perspective.

    If I could play (forgive the pun) devil’s advocate for a second…what would you say to the religious folks that told you that children and adults both need an introduction to the bible and christianity, and then they had to rely on blind faith to pave their way into heaven?

  5. Would these same people rely on blind faith to keep their kids safe in a car? or when they get sick? (ok there are some nut cases that do and their kids die). Apparently relying on faith only works when there is no evidence to support it.

  6. This is simple. Creation proves the Creator.

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